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That’s why you should TRUST US.

At Clean Handi, our BSEN1500 certified alcohol sanitiser, helps to provide a high level of protection EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. 

Even our BSEN1276 certified alcohol free, and fragrance free, hand sanitiser is highly effective at eliminating bacteria and viruses. Manufactured using hypochlorous acid which is proven to kill germs and bacteria (source).

Sure, that means that we might come in a little costlier, but think about this;

For the same price as your daily premium coffee or your takeaway lunch, JUST ONE BOTTLE of Clean Handi can kill germs and protect against virus transmission.

So, if you’re looking for a UK manufactured, high quality sanitiser which is kind on skin (and on your wallet!) then look no further! 

Visit our product page and let Clean Handi help you protect and prevent against bacteria and viruses!

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