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Warning: LETHAL Hand Sanitisers Pulled by FDA

The FDA has recently had to issue urgent public alerts after seeing a dramatic increase in the usage of Methanol in counterfeit hand sanitisers. Worryingly, scammers and fraudsters have flooded the worldwide sanitiser market with counterfeit goods as they look to make a quick profit by cashing in on the increased demand that has resulted from the Covid-19 outbreak. 

This latest revelation is particularly shocking in that, not only does the bogus sanitiser offer no protection against Covid, the use of Methanol could change the product from a substandard knock-off into a DEADLY KILLER.

Methanol, already outlawed in sanitiser production, can have severe effects on users, particularly children, due its toxicity when absorbed through the skin. Whilst symptoms can be relatively mild; from headaches to nausea, it can also devastating results including nerve damage, blindness or even death. 

Consumers are reminded to ensure that they are vigilant when it comes to purchasing sanitisers and to do everything reasonably within their power to ensure that they are purchasing a regulated, approved sanitiser from a reputable source.